The Bluegrass Situation: WATCH: IDA ELINA, “WHEN I WAS 10”


Artist: Ida Elina
Hometown: Helsinki, Finland
Song: “When I Was 10”
Album: Capital Letters
Release Date: September 19, 2022
Label: Hello World Records

In Their Words: “When growing up my best friend and I would do almost everything together. We became friends in elementary school and it really felt so comfortable to have a really good friend. I still remember that one summer when she no longer wanted to be my best friend. We were finished with elementary school and junior high was just about to begin. I felt so lost. I had never thought there would be a time I wouldn’t have my best friend by my side and now I was facing my worst fear — to be left alone. And alone I felt for the next three years in junior high. In this song I travel back to the happy days of summer when we were still best friends but how things in life rarely stay the same. I felt a bit nostalgic writing this but also saddened by the events as I carried the wounds of what had happened far into my adult life.

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